Gum Disease

It often surprises people that more teeth are lost through gum disease than as a result of tooth decay.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria which invade the gums.  Initially, just the tips of the gums will be affected. This is called gingivitis For reasons we don’t fully understand, the infection can then spread more deeply, affecting the bone that supports the tooth. This is called periodontitis. Not all teeth will always be affected equally. Periodontitis tends to affect people after 35 to 40yrs of age. A few people are prone to gum disease from much younger. People who smoke, or are diabetic, are also more vulnerable to gum disease. There is now good evidence linking heart disease and gum disease so improving your gum health will improve your general health.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are controlled by thorough daily plaque removal i.e. thorough tooth brushing and  cleaning between your teeth. This is supported by help from the hygienist or dentist.It is often quite tricky to clean the teeth thoroughly, and we are very happy to spend time and care in finding the best way for you.  This will give you the best and most cost effective long term results.

Initially gum disease can be painless and difficult to detect.

The most common signs are bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth, or bad breath.

Other signs can be red swollen gums and loose or moving teeth.

Remember healthy gums do not bleed when cleaned.