Treatment Planning

You may be asked to attend for Treatment Planning appointments, following a new patient consultation, a routine examination or an emergency appointment.

This will be because further information is required for more complex situations. Your dentist will have obtained a broad overview at your previous appointment and will need time to carry out diagnostic tests and a more detailed analysis in order to provide a more comprehensive report.

For example; tests to check if teeth are still alive, x-rays, such as full mouth x-rays or of individual teeth;basic moulds of the teeth or sometimes models of the teeth set up to mimic your jaw movements.

Your dentist will need time to consider this information, in order to formulate suitable treatment options. It is important that all options are fully explained to you, and for you to have ample opportunity to ask us any questions you may have arising from such consultaions. In this way, we hope that you will be able to make an informed decision about what treatment you feel happy proceeding with.

All plans will encompass suitable preventative advice.

Please feel free to contact the practice should you require further information or clarification on any apsect of your treatment.