The Initial Consultation


Prior to your consultation you will be asked to complete confidential Medical History and Dental History forms.

We place great value on discussing your needs and expectations, as well as carrying out a thorough examination of the jaw joints, teeth, gums, and supporting tissues with some appropriate x-rays to aid in the diagnosis. Simpler treatments of a high standard are often the most cost effective and most plans will involve just hygiene and preventative care. We try to avoid repeat treatment as this is often more damaging to your teeth.

In most instances, your dentist will have sufficient information at this appointment to discuss with you the risks and benefits of any recommended treatment options and formulate a treatment plan. You will be provided with a copy of the treatment plan along with details of costs and timescales.

In complex situations it may only be possible to provide a broad overview at the first appointment. In which case, you may be asked to return for further appointments for treatment planning, where we will carry out diagnostic tests and a more detailed analysis in order to provide a comprehensive report.

Please feel free to contact the practice if you require further information or clarification on any aspect of your treatment.


“I have learnt more today than in the last twenty years of visiting the dentist”

“Thank you for such clear and honest advice”

“Since I have been coming to Golding House I haven’t needed any treatment”

"I know that any recommended treatment is in my best interests"