Private Fee Scale for Mrs Sarah Elworthy

Private dental care is based on hourly rates of £180 for consultation and £210 for treatment such as fillings, onlays,crowns, bridge work and root canal therapy.

As a guide, the costs and time involved of some common private treatments are given below. You will be fully involved in agreeing dental care appropriate for your needs and will be  provided with a written plan and estimate of costs. Any changes that may develop during  treatment will be discussed and agreed with you before proceeding. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentist.


New Patient Consultation

(40 min advised for over 35yrs)

(30 min advised for under 35yrs)
includes 3 small x rays if needed

Emergency Appointment £105.00     (30 min)
Routine Examination £45.00    (15 min)
Small x rays (each) £12.50
Filling medium size £152.50  (45 min)

Tooth coloured onlay (from)

(60 min preparation 45 min fitting)

Single crown (from)

(90 min preparation 30 min fitting)

Dentures £600.00 - £1500.00
Tooth Whitening £270.00 - £375.00