Children's Dentistry

Your Child's First Filling


Our aim is to make your child’s first filling a positive experience with a combination of sensitive, caring, calm treatment and modern dental techniques.

Advice to the parent

If you have anxieties about dental treatment, this can be sensed by your child and make them anxious too.
Please keep as calm and relaxed as possible, your child is in safe hands and we will do our best to make the experience as easy as possible for them.
A child will feel reassured that you are there, so take a seat and read (or hide behind) the latest copy of Hello magazine.
If you feel that you cannot attend with your child then ask a close family member or friend to do so for you.

Advice to give your child if you wish to

As a parent you may wish to let us explain the dental treatment in ways that we know from experience are easier for your child to understand.
Your child may expect some explanation from you and we would suggest that you use the following phrases. Please use our first names to make it more personal for your child.

We (the dentist or therapist) will explain what we are going to do and what it will feel like at the beginning before the treatment starts.
We will clean and mend your tooth and make it better.
We may have to make the tooth sleepy for a few hours, to keep the tooth comfortable, while we mend the tooth.

If at any time you want us to stop – may be to swallow, ask a question, or if something is worrying you, - then you can always lift your hand in the air. We will stop what we are doing straightaway.