Anxious About Dentistry? You are welcome to ask for a free informal discussion with the dentist.

Many people are very anxious or even phobic about undergoing dental treatment. This may be as a result of insensitive dental treatment when they were a child or picked up subconsciously from an anxious parent. There could be any number of reasons - everybody is different.

We understand that dental treatment involves putting yourself in a vulnerable position whilst someone else carries out procedures in your mouth- one of the most sensitive parts of the body.  If you have had a bad experience with dentistry in the past you are naturally going to be fearful of trusting anyone again.

Dental ‘habituation’ is about helping you to feel comfortable with dentistry in stages appropriate for you. Helping you to rebuild your trust in your dentist.

You to decide on the treatment most appropriate for you. You control the treatment, not the dentist. You can stop a procedure at any time by raising your hand. We will stop straight away.

Please speak in confidence to any of our reception staff who will be happy to arrange a free informal discussion with the dentist. A consultation does not obligate you to any treatment and you may discover that your dental needs are quite simple.


"Thank you for making my dental care such a pleasant experience.  I never thought I would be able to walk into a dental practice without shaking like a leaf"

"That was brilliant! I wish I'd found you years ago, as I wouldn't have suffered bad experiences"

"Thank you for your kindness and patience.  I am glad I chose you as my dentist"

“I always enjoy coming here - always a calm and tranquil atmosphere. And it smells nice!"