Satisfaction Survey

We were delighted with the results of our survey in Summer 2017 from 56 patients attending the practice.
Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to participate. Please see the results and comments below.

Male; 19-35
“Keep up the good work”
Female; 19-35
“Always friendly, top level of care.”
Female; 36-50
“I have always been very impressed by Golding House”
Female; 36-50
“A fantastic dentist – wish we had found you years ago!”
Male; 36-50
“Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
Female; 51-70
“The only painful part about being treated at GH is the bill at the end! A lovely friendly team who really have your care at heart”
Female; 51-70
“Given that I am terrified of Dentists, I could not recommend the Dental practice more highly”
Male; 51-70
“I have been coming here for 20 years and day one was brilliant and today it’s still brilliant – no change!”
Female; 51-70
Male; 51-70
“The practice has proved to be very kind, thoughtful and very helpful in treating following a dental impact injury. Very professional and caring, although expensive!”
Male; 51-70
“Would you recommend Golding Dental House to a friend?
Female; 51-70
“Excellent dentistry in a clean up to date setting. Receptionist always takes time to greet us. Overall care outstanding”
“Having been unable to find a suitable dentist, Golding House has considerably helped me with my fear of dentists!!”
“Very friendly dental practice”
“After 20 years at Golding House, I am still smiling”


Question/ Rating
Ideal     1      
            2     Acceptable        3          4             Unacceptable
1. How would you describe the general comfort in your mouth? 19 19 17 1 0
2. How would you describe your ability to eat the foods you like? 27 12 15 2 0
3. How do you feel about the appearnce of your teeth/dentures? 12 14 25 3 3
4. How would you rate the standard of cleanliness and hygiene at Golding House? 55 0 1 0 0
5. How would you rate the competence of the dental team? 51 4 1 0 0
6.How would you describe the attitude of the dental team towards you? 53 1 2 0 0
7. How would you rate the ability of Golding House to understand your needs? 48 7 1 0 0
8. How would you rate the ability of Golding House to explain your needs to you? 51 3 2 0 0
9. How do you rate the ability of Golding House to explain treatment options to you? 51 3 2 0 0
10.  How do you rate the ability of Golding House to explain costs of treatment to you. 39 10 5 2 0
11. How would you describe the value for money given by Golding House 27 13 13 2 0
12. How would you rate the level of trust that you feel in Golding House? 47 8 1 0 0


                      Male           Female      Not indicated Total        
under 16   1   1
16 - 18 3 0   3
19 - 35 2 1   3
36 - 50 2 7 1 10
51 - 70 8 12 7 27
71+ 6 2 4 12
Total 21 23 12 56

We were delighted with the overall results of our survey December 2015 from 44 patients attending the practice.
Thank you to everyone who participated and for the comments listed below.

Very friendly (female age 51-70)
Great service, lovely people, bringing a smile to my face (female age  51-70)
I used to hate going to the dentist. Now it’s a chore I don’t lose sleep over and my teeth are very well looked after (female age51-70)
I have been receiving treatment here for many years and my children too and I have also been more than happy with all aspects of the service on offer (female age 51-70)
I accept that sometimes appointments overrun, but being seen as close as possible to appointment time is very important (female age 51-70)
Our whole family come here and we are delighted with the care (female 36-50)
Private dental fees across the board are overly expensive and very hard to budget for (female age 36-50)
This is an excellent dental practice. Team friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  Recommended them to friends (female age 36-50)
I think they have been very understanding with my needs, very amazing dentist. (patient aged 11 years)
I have every confidence in the treatment prescribed and delivered but find the fee scale expensive. (patient aged 51-70)
Outstanding good in all aspects. (male 71+)
Quite simply the best dental practice around (male 36-50)
You pay a fee and you get very good service. Hard to fault on any level. I would be reluctant to change even though I now live outside Cranbrook. (male 51-70)
A perfect local dentists practice (male 71+)

We were delighted with the overall results of a survey in February 2013 of 59 adult patients attending the practice.
Thank you to everyone who participated and for the comments listed below.

  strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
The general décor and maintenance of the practice is good                                   1% No Answer 72% 27%    
The staff are pleasant, helpful and understanding
90% 10%    
I do not have difficulty in getting a convenient appointment 68% 27%   2%
I am kept informed if my appointment is delayed for any reason                             5% Not Applicable 69% 24% 2%  
I know that any issues I may have will be listened to and acted upon 76% 24%    
I feel the practice is clear and open in explaining fees to me 64% 34% 2%  
I am fully informed and involved in decisions about my dental care 85% 15%    
I feel my privacy is respected and  information is treated as confidential 86% 14%    
I feel comfortable in attending this practice
81% 19%    
I feel the surgeries are clean and there is a good standard of hygiene 88% 12%    
I feel the practice encourage and  help me in
improving  my dental health
81% 19%    
I am happy to recommend this practice to my family and friend                          1% Neutral 80% 19%    


  • We wouldn’t dream of going to any other dental practice.
  • Particularly like the fact that the childrens’ care is based on prevention rather than treatment.
  • I am so glad I switched to Golding House after 30years of NHS treatment.  I wish I had done it sooner!  Thank you for such excellent treatment and understanding of my fear of dentists!
  • Very good service as always.
  • I am a terrible patient but at Golding House I always am made to feel at ease and relaxed.
  • I’ve been coming here (with my children) for the last few years and even though NHS wasn’t an option anymore and we have to drive for about 20 mins to get here I’m so very happy with the before, during and after care.
  • This is a wonderful dentists.
  • Could the reminder call be 2 days before and not one day?
  • A very personal gripe I do not like background music and if you have to have it can it be classic FM